The program will provide the student with a basic understanding of public health and insights into healthcare administration and delivery systems.


  • Apply fundamental public health strategies in assessment, planning and prevention to improve the health, safety and quality of life for people in their communities.
  • Describe the fundamental social and behavioral frameworks in public health to identify health disparities and promote social justice

Public Health Program

The diploma and advanced diploma program is designed for those students seeking a two-year rather than four-year degree. The program stand alone but may also be the foundation for further study at the bachelor’s level. The program at AIES are meant to be taken in four semesters and consist of 60 credit hours.

Program duration: Two semesters. Each semester is 5 months long with approximately 40 hours per week.

Assessment methods: In order to complete the program successfully, students will be required to pass all subjects and achieve an overall passing grade.

Certification: To be awarded the certificate you must satisfactorily complete all written contributions. Successful students will receive a Certificate, awarded by the Board of Studies of AIES. A transcript detailing the course will be issued to successful students.

ABMA Education’s Professional Public Health Management qualifications are specifically designed to empower individuals to respond effectively and professionally to issues that would otherwise impact hugely on communities and regions. 

The content is not clinical in nature but rather, helps establish knowledge of how public health risks can affect communities, how initiatives can be better designed to succeed and how you can develop the management skills to become a leader in this increasingly diverse sector. The content helps progress learning through the levels and encompasses all the latest thinking on Public Health Management, a subject area that is both challenging and extremely rewarding. 

This qualification is not available in all territories. Please check with ABMA Education for more information.

Community Development professional qualifications from ABMA Education are firmly established in many areas around the world and have been a key form of development for those looking to enter or advance a career at charities, NGOs and governmental bodies. ABMA’s Level 4 Diploma, Level 5 Diploma and Level 6 Diploma qualifications in Community Development will make you a leading candidate for a role that is demanding and challenging whilst bringing real positive changes to local and international communities.

Learn established forms of project management and business planning and how to apply these in a setting that is becoming increasingly important and influential. Our community development learners are responsible for some landmark changes in developing and developed communities and you can be a part of positive change too.